Hi, I'm Dean.

I first started exploring photography while working in the music video business, and living in New York. When I made the move West, I brought my passion and inspiration along with me. After agreeing to photograph a friend’s wedding in 2010, I haven't looked back.

The path has not been straight, however.  I ran a successful house/pet sitting business in Los Angeles, worked a nanny, or rather a "manny", in Maine, before settling near Joshua Tree National Park and making the leap.   If this sounds like it was a little wild.  It was. 

I've published one book, "50 Couches in 50 Nights"  (yes, I slept on 50 different couches on 50 consecutive nights) and have been featured in another "Making Music Videos".  My fine art work has been exhibited all over the world.  I love photographing beautiful landscapes, old cemeteries, and the beauty of nature's wood and stone textures. 

I enjoy long hikes in Yosemite and other National Parks,  and strolls around New York City.  I savor the desert sunrises, and marvel at the stars.  I cherish my time in Maine, with the boys I cared for.  I look forward to visits from out-of-town friends and a rare trip to Disneyland.  And, my favorite past time is watching the critters  right outside my window. 

Authentically connecting with integrity

When you reach out about my availability and rates.  I want to be sure that we're aligned from the get go. 

While I'm happy to share my availability and rates, I really want to know more about what you have planned and what your expectations are  so that I can tailor my offer with the services that suit you.

I also want you to feel that that I'm the person that you want to spend your wedding day with.  

I want you to see that I'm passionate about what I do, that I'll go above and beyond to learn every detail and  capture everything that you want, and that I'm also caring, and compassionate from the moment we first speak, to the day I deliver your gallery. 

Getting to know you

Before we get to the big day, I look forward to meeting you, in person, and hearing more about your vision for the big day

Before your wedding, I'll send out a list of questions, as well as links to portrait ideas,  so that I can understand what will be happening, who's involved, and what's important to you. 

I'll also want to meet with you both, preferably, at the venue, to talk through the day, and discuss the portraits. 

This gives us the opportunity to get to know each other.  I believe that knowing you better, and having a full picture of your vision, is such a key to a fun and successful day.

And, finally, I'll want to attend the rehearsal.  Since we only go through the ceremony once, it's crucial that we practice it, at least once, so we can get it right when it's showtime.  

You'll have enough to worry about, on your wedding day, I don't want you to be concerned about the photography. I want you to be confident that I'll deliver what you want, and more.

Wedding Day

A day of love and celebration captured just the way you want.

I'll be your shadow, your guide, and your right hand man.  I'll capture everything you want, whether it's something we've discussed, an inspirational idea, or a spur of the moment request. 

From the widest landscape of your ceremony to your wedding rings, from the loudest reception to the moment of contemplation while you get ready.  Everything you'll want to share and look back at, smiling, will be covered. 

I'll also be there to hold a ladder as your sister puts up the last of the flowers, to tell you what time it is, and get a glass of water for your grandma.  

I'll be ready to check all of the boxes, and then turn on a dime, all with a smile on my face and my patented giggle. 

These days are always so much fun. 

Editing and Delivery

I want every image to look the absolute best. I want you to *love* reliving every moment.

I'll use all of my skills to make every image the perfect (or imperfect) memory. I'll use all of the tools I have and maybe pick up a few new ones, too.  

You'll get some "sneak peeks" very early in the process to satisfy your curiosity and share with your friends and family.

Within a few short weeks, you'll get your full gallery. 

I'm always so eager to get through everything and share it with you,  while making sure that I'm also giving it my all. 

And, once I'm done, you'll have the opportunity to ask for changes, fixes, and black & white conversions.  

I want you to not only *love* your gallery but also also feel the passion that I put into my work.



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