Natalie & Victor’s Canyon Lake Wedding

Natalie and Victor’s Wedding was a June wedding, outdoors in a park at Holiday Harbor, in Canyon Lake, California.  Since there wasn’t any bridal suite of any sort, Natalie was getting ready at a hotel, nearby, in private.  Victor got ready, at his home, and, so, when he arrived, we jumped into groomsmen photos.  I should note that it was heatwave that weekend, in June, well over 100 degrees, and being near the water, meant that it was a bit humid, too.  

After that, while everyone said their hellos and continued their preparations, I focused on capturing some details. Each place setting had a couple of cards tucked into the napkin.  One of those had seeds in it, that you could plant! 

Before we knew it, it was time to get Victor to the altar, the family and bridal party, lined up, and the rest of the guests, seated.  Natalie had arrived with her father, and it was ceremony time. 

The beautiful bridesmaids included  Victor’s daughters, Natalie’s best friend, and Natalie’s sister.  The handsome groomsmen included Victor’s and Natalie’s brothers,  Victor’s son, and Victor’s best friend.

The junior bridesmaid and groomsmen, the ring bear,  and the flower girls were all nieces and nephews.

They were all so proud, so well behaved, and completely adorable. 

Natalie and her father then exited the car and made their way down the aisle, all smiles.

Despite the heat, it was a beautiful and solemn day with Pastor John leading the ceremony.

A candle was lit in honor of Natalie’s mother. 

Victor and Natalie exchange both traditional and personal vows.  Her wedding band was sparkly and feminine.  His was a masculine black.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife.  You may kiss the bride.”  Or something like that.

There were high fives and hugs. 

While the party got started, I made my way back to the water for bridesmaids photos, family formals, and a quick, simple bridal portrait.   I opted for a large, sweeping, bridal party portrait, including the blue sky, palm trees, and the flag.  With time short, the heat oppressive , and everyone anxious to celebrate, we cut our list a little shorter than planned. 

We made our way back up to the celebration and with the wedding party leading the way, Natalie and Victor made their grand entrance and had their first dance as husband and wife. 

The palms trees made for stunning backdrop and, along with smiles, and hands held, set the tone for a lovely evening with family and friends. 

Dinner was served, and while everyone ate, toasts were given, including an emotional speech by Natalie’s father, honoring his late wife.  

Victor danced with his mother, and his stepmother.

Natalie and her father enjoyed their Father/Daughter dance. 

The party would go into the night, but, first, cake!

The dance floor was packed, there was conversation, and laughter.    So much fun.  So much love.

Oops!  Almost forgot.  One last photo of the hands with the rings.  My signature shot and one that I’ll be printing.

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